Thank you for your interest.

We are currently accepting submissions.

Guidelines are as follows:

We accept anything as long as you are passionate about what you are doing and have a college degree. Whether you’re a writer, poet, painter, pastry chef, social worker, mathematician, culinary master, archeologist, astronomer, mechanic, mixologist, sculptor, photographer, chemist, carpenter, musician, designer, an environment enthusiast, journalist, horticulturist, actor, (anything!) as long as you are devoted to it! Share it, send it our way.

Please include a short write-up about yourself, what you do to survive living, what you’re passionate about, and anything else you think people should know about your exhibit. This does not need to be anything formal. No need for stale query letters. If it is in the body of the email – perfect. Just open up to us.

We accept entries that have been published elsewhere, as long as it’s cool with the previous publisher.

Please be available for questions if we want to know more about your work, your style and intentions, and perhaps even your view of what’s going on with the American Dream and the promises of college. Tell us what you wished you knew then what you do now and we’ll share it.  If you include any of this in your write-up, even better.

Send all submissions to

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