Mt. Pilchuck EP by Yay Conifers!


Track 03: Ginger

So we can stay in a day glow haze whispering under the trees
to the passers-by that may be just flies but connect all in one degree

So we can stay in a day glow haze whispering under the trees
breathe each breath in and enjoy the hymns composed by wind and sea

So we can stay in a day glow haze where no one can see us

Inspired by the northwest and reconnecting to whats important, including humanity and sustainability.

Water droplets, footsteps, breaking sticks—even sounds from the kitchen where Luke works as a dishwasher—were all recorded using an iPod. He then used Ableton Live to manipulate and sequence those sounds. After applying equalization to some of the samples he created, he worked with the percussive field, recording sounds as if they comprised a drum set. All share the same effect rack which includes reverb, compression, and saturation. All violin, vocals, and guitar were recorded in Luke’s living room straight into the MBox.

Each layer of field recordings, MIDI instruments, real instruments, and vocals add a new unique character.

about the artists:

Luke Morse  and Miranda Rae met at art school in Chicago, Illinois.  Luke studied Music Composition, while Miranda studied Tap Dance, Theater and Jazz. For Luke’s senior recital, he created a live composition amplifying different sounds on a bicycle. Miranda attended the concert and was blown away. Luke moved away to Seattle, Washington and less than a year later Miranda followed where they make music together in the city nestled in mountains, conifers, ocean, Orcas, and sound.

questions for Luke……

when did both of you graduate? how has the job search been?

“We both graduated in May of 2010.  Job search has not been great.  I did a year of AmeriCorps which didn’t end up leading to anything so now I work as a dishwasher.  Sometimes I play music for a yoga class.  Miranda still holds the same phone job she had in Chicago.”

do you have any advice for prospective college students?

“I would tell prospective college students that they probably won’t get much of what they expect to get out of college, but they will also most likely get a whole bunch that they weren’t expecting to get.”


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