epoch art by james post

“My work is informed by martial arts, transformations of consciousness, self cultivation, and the body.”

Mr. Seeker

“The illustration of energy in my drawings is a way for me to better understand my relationship with the gross, subtle, and causal realms.”


“I have a BFA and MFA, but since I didn’t take a graphic design path, there seems to be no jobs for the fine arts.”

Lawrence Hill

“I believe the prospective technological singularity creates a continuous psychological rift between the body and self, yielding an oscillation between the meaning of human and the meaning of transformation.”


“The drawings represent both an illustration of moving meditation, and a delineation of aspiring computronium — a spiritual directive.”


“I supported myself working at a bookstore and a record store and continue to create images.”

November 2012

“There are still more things that I would like to see exist in the world.”

Although already an established painter in his hometown, James Post went on to study at Mason Gross School of the Arts. He furthered his visual art studies at Brooklyn College, where he earned his MFA. Post is currently enlisted in the United States Army and off to boot camp.


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