Originally, this started as a literary magazine that sat on the runway for months and never took flight. After numerous long distance discussions about life, politics and college degrees, Vivian and Pepita realized that it isn’t just writers who are experiencing the stigma of being an artist.  And it isn’t just artists experiencing the stigma of wanting to do what they love. Decent jobs are hard to find these days. It’s not just hard for artists, but for all people who have to put their degrees on hold. For all that can’t escape their student loan debt because paying off interest isn’t working out; any money they get goes to debt.

What a boost to our economy if student debt was manageable? We want to buy things too. We just can’t.

Vivian and Pepita want to create a space for people to share what they pour their souls into, while working their asses off to get little in return. This is a place for you to show off what you love, since you can’t do it for the eight+ hours a day you spend working a  job you don’t love, just trying to get by.

This is for you.

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