Hello! I am currently making Philadelphia home with my husband and our two cats & dog. I graduated from Columbia College in Chicago with a BA in Fiction Writing and work as an Editor. At any time you will find me having fun with my husband and our fur-children, exploring Philadelphia and the east coast, lifting weights, screen printing, conceptualizing with close friends for their creative projects, or creating new recipes. Do what you love!


Like most people, I need outlets to express myself. A writer by nature, sure, the quintessential blog would be the obvious choice to follow, and yet I wanted to do more than pay for a .com to unload a weekly cache of thoughts. Writing, painting, music, beauty – all of these and other inspired pursuits provoke most of what I set out to do in life, but building and strengthening a community is always the endgame.

After graduating college, I couldn’t wrap my head around struggling to play by the rules when I saw the rule-makers cheating and stacking up the odds in their favor. It became very apparent to me that building community was more important than ever, and it still is. There needs to be a space people can occupy to express themselves, share ideas, creations, and unite; there are never enough places like these.

Everywhere I go I try to bring people together for these reasons and this website is no different. My writerly self will happily enjoy the blog section here, but I want to know what everyone else is up to as well.

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