need work. need message.


not happy about OWS getting kicked out early this morning, following the conga line of other city protests as of late. it isn’t right, but we knew this would happen eventually. it’s so classic: they let us protest and have our say, duping us into thinking we can stay forever, until the media and public get bored, and then cue the idiots, who begin stealing, doing drugs, and shooting guns, at which point the media swarms in again and the city immediately shuts us down.

that’s the thing about movements such as this. it’s hard to know what will happen when there isn’t any direction. anyone can go to these things and use it however he or she wants. OWS was saying they were welcoming all the different issues people were bringing to the movement. that’s great, except nothing will get done when there isn’t a clear agenda.

OWS needs a message and needs a leader, if not a couple for each city. we need to get unified. stat.

then the movement must figure out other ways to get the message across. the media has been making the protests look awful; if not portraying occupiers as hippies and thieves outright, then indirectly bashing us, focusing on news that makes the encampments look like places where crime gravitates.

that may be true. how can i tell? i’m in LA and i haven’t seen any violence related to the protests here. but because of these heavy incidents, the public is now ignoring the initial reason the protests sprouted and proliferated in the first place: CORPORATE AND POLITICAL CORRUPTION THAT DIRECTLY LED TO MONUMENTAL CLASS INEQUALITY.

and twenty-somethings are feeling the brunt of it, in my opinion. just out of college with a degree means next to nothing. even if you didn’t seek higher education, i bet you’re still not being taken seriously in the workforce.

they call us modern hippies. although there are some discrepancies amid those reports, as well as the obvious groups scattered about the protests smoking pot, i’m not seeing many hippies, and i most certainly do not feel like a hippie.

i feel pushed against a wall at the back of an angry, writhing crowd.

oh yeah.

watch this video and read the article.


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