fine. don’t pay me.

some days, i completely give up on looking for work. there’s only so much time i can spend racking my brain for places to send resumes to. i can only meander around town for so long, robotically handing different resumes (i have about 8 kinds, each geared towards a different job market) into the hands of smiling strangers i know will probably not contact me.

the end of last week was one of those times when i just let my body sigh into the couch, enjoying a movie. then, i finished a book and started another. when i woke up, i made breakfast and did the same thing.

can you blame me? of course you can. will you?

after two days of sloughing off, i had, what i consider, a tiny revelation: i decided it was time to actively search for work that did not pay. maybe i could find something if i went that route. i looked over my many resumes and felt ashamed – was i being a presumptuous asshole for nearly demanding work from my country via proof that i had obtained a piece of paper? was i expecting too much out of a college degree?

of course, i’m being quite sarcastic, but my point is: it’s better to volunteer than to do nothing at all. work for free. sure, you can consider yourself in servitude, but you can also consider it rewarding.

volunteering can help ease stress, distract you, force you to socialize and, quite possibly, open the door for a new horizon.

(plus, it looks good on that arrogant and forceful resume of yours…)

the internal laughter continues.


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