love and purrrrrs

I am an advocate for the voiceless.

I do not believe life has tiers of value. My life is not more valuable than a stray cat simply because I am a human. All living creatures are essentially the same. We eat, shit, and attempt to successfully reproduce.

But animals cannot control what humans do to them.

I am trying to be their voice.

I love all animals. Over the years, I have developed a deep love for cats because they are too often overlooked and have a perception about them that is unjustifiably skewed.

Too many people regard animals as disposable, invaluable and unemotional mechanical creatures. When my morals began to clash with the lifestyles of too many people, I was allowed to open my heart more to animals.

I decided to challenge myself. A small animal rescue in Richmond, Missouri was desperate for a foster parent for a mother cat and her newborns. Without hesitation, I was determined to save their lives.

I welcomed Betty, the mother, and her 5 adorable black babies into my home and they quickly filled a vacancy in my heart.

Their purrs soothed my anxiety. Their meows comforted me when I was alone. Their snuggles reassured me that I was needed. Their playful energy proved that life is easy to enjoy.

(Crazy cat lady? Rachel owns it. In her own words: “How do I show my pride as a crazy cat lady? Simple. I love anything cat related. I have t-shirts, knickknacks, little toys… the list can go on. I get way too excited in a pet store because I love buying the cats new toys. Without a doubt, I could probably fill up a 5 gallon bucket of just toys. I also created a profile on Facebook called KC Cat Party that is devoted to sharing, cross-posting, and educating; everything related to cats in the Kansas City area.”)

The rescue I am with is only based on foster homes, so none of our animals are in shelters/cages. Alongside working with the rescue, I go to adoption events and set up, promote events online, take photos and update the animals’ information.

I’ve had 4 kittens adopted to two different families. I decided to adopt Maria and Luigi, but Betty and Martha are still looking for loving homes.

I’ve never witnessed an animal dying in my care, but one lady that fosters with us had two kittens die in her arms. It is a sad reality when we are doing everything we can to help keep a malnourished, underdeveloped kitten alive but it doesn’t survive.

Editor’s note: Get your pets fixed, people!!!

Rachel Coldanghise, self-described as an “anti-religious vegan” (which probably stems from being raised in a meat-eating Catholic family) is a Kansas City transplant. There, she is consistently involved in animal care and fostering through events, volunteering and opening her own home to the little guys. She graduated from University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. Rachel planned to attend Medical School for Cosmetic Dermatology, but after moving to a city that does not treat animals properly, she decided to put all of her energy towards saving the animals of KC.

of course we had questions for Rachel…

how did your degree aide in getting here you are today? would you have studied something different in school?

“My degree is not responsible for my selfless nature, but because of my biology background, I understand the care of animals.  I’ve dealt with so many strange, unpredictable health scares with these kittens, including two being positive for Feline Leukemia (only later to be revealed as false positive), infected claws, inflamed buttocks, and the list goes on and on.

I do want to become a veterinarian now and I know that my involvement in animal rescue/fostering will definitely benefit me for this. I am satisfied with my college degree but I wish I would have went a different path and realized what I wanted to do at an earlier age. While my degree helped with my biological knowledge, it ultimately is my involvement with animal rescues that will be the driving force to my future success and happiness.

gracias Rachel!


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