putting off adulthood

i’m sick of reading stuff like this, but i am so drawn to it whenever i see a link floating around online. i’ll avoid your typical metaphor, but let’s just say i can’t help myself. news like what’s in that article really resonates with me – it’s exactly what i’m going through now.

not that i’m old, by any means, but i’m certainly not getting any younger. having the stability that so many in this country have had before me (the house, the start in a new, promising career, thoughts of a family on the way) is something i’ve been giving much thought to lately. i sometimes wonder if it’s because it is so out of reach. after searching for work in southern CA to no avail, my survival instincts are kicking in. i am forced to leave this state to move in with family, just so i can pay my bills.

i just thank heaven that i didn’t have my folks co-sign on my student loans, because they’d be in hot water just like me. moving in with them makes me feel guilty enough, but having them feel the burden of my college debt would severely squash any of the pride i got from finally graduating.


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