a romance in ruins

I am drawn to ruins.

I love their silence, their mystery. Their hidden lives, now trapped in crumbling remains, seem to call out to me.

Broken Pullies

Voices on a rift through time.

My skin feels the history like a force of nature, and all those who once stood where i stand now are a part of me.

Alone, and yet intensely connected, I find myself lost for hours.


There is an echo of impermanence in their decay. Ancient and lingering though they may be, they hold the haunting reminder that, “this, too, shall pass.”

The laughter, the heartache, the passion, will fade to ghosts.

To stand within their walls is to look time in the eye and see all our days come to an end in a wild expanse of crumbling structures, left to the patience of the land to devour and reclaim.

For me, there is an unparalleled peace in this knowledge, and the ruins become transformed from something abandoned, to something sacred.

the artist:

Keller Holmes lives in Oakland, California with her partner Joe, a handful of quirky and wonderful housemates (in a house they call a castle), a neighborhood cat they’ve named Viper, and the lulling sounds of BART in the near distance (for those interested, BART sounds eerily like the TARDIS when heard from their bedroom window). When she’s not living from behind a lens, she is writing, reading, knitting, cooking, making lists, making plans, forming adventures, or sitting, silently contemplating the meaning of it all, which often includes: has first contact happened already, why isn’t time travel real, how much saner life gets after 30, why mean/selfish/closed-minded people are mean/selfish/closed-minded.

i had a question for keller, which i will most likely ask many on here:

do you think a college degree is overrated, more of a hoax than a promise of security?

her answer:

“My liberal arts education spans two degrees (from theater to psychology), neither of which have had any impact on my employ-ability. As an aesthetic ideal to expand the wealth of knowledge each of us can tap into, college is a grand notion; as a means to an end, it has no bearing on job security or the promise of a better future, which I find tragic – everyone should have the access and opportunity to a great education. But the more of a hoax it becomes, the more our public school system rots from the inside, the more tuitions rise, the more education turns into something only those with means both have access to and can afford to spend their time on (as they have no real need for an “in” to the job market, already having a secure future in being one of the elite).”

faaaaaantastic! thanks, Kell!


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