this ain’t no party, folks

I pause to say, “No offense,” for one reason. No, no. It’s not to ensure that what I have to say sends you into a downward spiral of anger. It’s because, given you and your personality, what I have to say will undoubtedly set you off. However, if you can stifle your knee jerk reaction to flip out, there is some advice tucked into what I have to say that can help and is worth sharing with you.

– David Fry (a friend o’ mine)

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a post (yes, on Facebook) about some fortunate people in our current government who were recently awarded substantial salary raises during a time when many Americans can’t even get a job.

(For those living under rocks or in golden palaces, unaware and without a care of this monstrous debacle, it is basically that the financial gap between the very rich and the very poor is now so wide that the number of zeros involved infuriates me.)

I, like most of you, am near the very bottom of this pyramid scheme. I’ve never made more than thirty grand a year in my life and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. In fact, with all the debt I’ve recently accrued, despite my efforts to the contrary, I am well into the post-grad negative income bracket. And, when I think that so many people have it much worse than I, I soberly count my blessings.

Anyway, one thing I love about Facebook is reading the comments of people I don’t know, via another friend’s page.

The following was a comment I read after that really degrading post about recent government salary raises:

“There is nothing we can do. We’re just peons in the system. I hope all the people that voted for (President Obama) because he is black are happy now. Since all the programs they utilize and thought (were) going to get better just because he was black are now being cut to fund these salaries. Jokes on them.”


***Warning: This is Not an Article about Race, nor is it PrObama***

Statements such as the one above really get to me, and rarely is it because of that particular person. To me, it says the person is awfully misinformed or ignorant—blame I put on the media. But these people are not bad or unintelligent. In fact, as I peruse her profile, which I can only see through a limited lens, this self-described “happy camper” claims, “I HAVE A JOB” and she is apparently engaged. Beside “Religious Views:” she posts “Chariots of the gods,” and beside her “Political Views:” she has “EAT SHIT.”

Even better, upon clicking to see her hubby’s page, I learned that one of his favorite books of all time is The Lorax, by the great Dr. Suess. We all love that story, don’t we? How we shouldn’t pulverize the environment with an utterly negligent industrial complex, in order to promote over-consumption by the masses of things they don’t need in the first place, all in the pursuit of sky-high profits for the few?

Well, I certainly clicked “like” on that one.

So, it’s obvious these people are not full of hate in general, but more so about the economic climate most of us live in. However, she “HAS A JOB.” Many people do not.

So what’s with her repulsive comment? It was definitely venomous. Does she really think people voted for Obama solely because of his racial background? And is she now, in all seriousness, gloating in her thoughts that those very same people are now getting what they deserve, simply because they checked a box beside Obama’s name for presidency on a ballot and placed it into a locked box?

“Jokes on them,” she says, but really, the joke is on us all. And I’m not hearing too many people laughing about it, aside from the occasional “digging into the wound” remark that wreaks more of bitter hopelessness than gaiety.

Dear Lady,

If anyone voted for anybody based on his or her race alone, they are an absolute idiot. That should be more than obvious. And moping about how there is nothing we “peons” can do is self-defeating, to say the least, and that’s not going to solve much.

If you want to feel just as disenfranchised and stepped on as I do, then by all means, feel it. But it is never very appealing to begin pointing any fingers around at your neighbors. It certainly does not help to argue with one another about who voted for whom and whose fault it is. The blame game was not a Dr. Seuss book.

At this point in American history, it no longer really matters who’s to blame for this mess—let’s just fix it.

What does matter is that the “Haves,” be they Democratic, Republican, Green, white, black or purple, they do not care about the “Have-Nots.” This goes way beyond government. There are people making a LOT of money out there. So much so, that the market has created a man’s razor (you know, to shave his beard?) that costs $100,000.

Why would anybody do such a thing? Well, apparently because there are people out there who can afford to buy them! The system that allows for this to continue is what you should attack, not the people who voted for either party. This goes beyond politics, in my opinion. This is about humanity.

Mitt Romney said something about corporations being people, too. How sweet. He’s right—legally, corporations are people—but should they have more power over our government than us, who are living and breathing and feeling joy, pain, sorrow and confusion, just because they have more money?

And isn’t it more of a shame that regular folks like you and I start pointing fingers at each other when it’s obvious to me that the “Haves” want us to do exactly that?

That woman whose comment got me started, also wrote this (and I choose not to spell check):

“The … people that lived upstairs from me at that time voted for him because he was black. They where chearing when he got elected. Wonder if they are chearing now?”

Lady,  I don’t know who’s cheering anymore.


One thought on “this ain’t no party, folks

  1. Tami Zorge says:

    You are too sharp! Good one! Trounce on these ignorant comments from uninformed ignoramuses! (I did not use spell check) 😉

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