Graduating from college is not what it used to be.

Thisiswhatimdoingwithmycollegedegree is literally just that: this is what we’re doing now that we’ve gotten our diplomas.

But we don’t really want to just tell our story. We want to hear yours.

We were recent grads when we started this page. That was a handful of years ago now, but we still have a lot on our minds about the financial drawbacks of higher education and the troubles new graduates still endure: adjusting to life post-college, embarking on a career path while cornered with student debt, endless job hunting, the reality of being over qualified or under qualified, being broke and fighting for your place in the world, learning from mistakes. The list goes on.

How are you handling your life post-graduation? Are you still active in your field of study?

We’ll be more than happy to share your experience here – we want everybody’s two cents (not literally!)

If you’re the creative type, we also want to showcase your work! Check out the submission guidelines page and allow us to promote your being. We can’t pay you but we don’t want your money either.

Our current exhibit features art by James Post. You can scroll through our ‘featured’ page to check out all of the other hardworking people who make their passions their part-time job.

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